Zotus Group

The Board of Zotus Group appoints Hitesh Patel as Non Executive Director, spear-heading the Aviation Sector.

A start-up specialist with a stellar record of administering P&L, driving Multi-Million Dollar budgets, and overseeing mergers and acquisitions. A critical thinker with vast expertise in operations management, financial planning, business development, fleet management, and sales/marketing. Founding Technical Director JetBlue Airways, COO Kingfisher Airways and CEO Veling Aviation(lessor).

Through a stellar record in the administration of P&L aspects, derivation and execution of MM$ budgets, and oversight of mergers & acquisitions – Hitesh is regarded as a visionary in large-scale start up efforts and global leader within the aviation industry. His expertise extends to operational management, fiscal planning, business development, management of fleets, and marketing & sales. Throughout his career, Hitesh has received recognition for his thoughtful leadership & refined decision-making in the development of teams across the world with proven success in bringing meaningful change across integral operational domains.

Founding Technical Director JetBlue Airways, COO Kingfisher Airways and CEO Veling Aviation(lessor). Hitesh Patel is the Founder / Principal of Blu3Aero consultancy, it’s a boutique aviation consulting firm that is highly experienced and proudly independent. He brings deep domain expertise and hands-on collaboration to clients across commercial, financial and technical disciplines. His global footprint and relationship network span the aviation industry. Hitesh is a strategic and proactive leader with over 30 years of experience in building and directing globally renowned organizations through the implementation of self-derived strategies to ensure consistent growth and long-term fiscal success.

As a promising and talented aeronautic-focused engineer with Continental Airlines at the beginning of his career, he was selected as the Director of Technical Operations at JetBlue Airways in New York at the inception of this now successful airline. In 2004, Hitesh was recruited to lead the operations and launch of Kingfisher Airlines in India as Executve Vice President. In 2013, Veling Aircraft Leasing in Mauritius selected Hitesh as Chief Executve Officer where he played a pivotal role in the reinforcement of company architecture, the development and implementation of novel policies, and the mentorship of the Veling team in preparation for future expansion.

Hitesh has an MBA from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University