Why Invest with us?

Zotus Groups key objective is to deliver long-term income to its shareholders, produced from a portfolio of infrastructure investments 



Value Preservation

We ensure that the operations and performance of each project is delivered in accordance with client expectations – and, consequently, achieve Zotus Groups anticipated (or ‘base case’) investment return. A member of our Asset Management function is represented on each project company’s board and plays a proactive role in the management of the project. He or she will engage with both client and supply chain contractors regularly to build and maintain open stakeholder relationships at project company level to ensure smooth delivery of services and appropriate project performance.


Value Enhancements

Plans are developed and implemented that cover incremental revenue opportunities, cost savings, treasury management and financial efficiencies, and occur both on an asset-specific or portfolio-wide basis depending on the particular initiative.


More information

Further information on investing in the Corporation is available upon the submission of a non-binding expression of interest letter to invest in Zotus Group

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