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Zotus Group signed a MOU with the Ministry of Transport “PMB Ministries” of the Government of Ghana to develop the Atuabo Free Port. The port will be the gateway to West Africa's offshore oil and gas industry and a regional hub supporting the activities of not only the upstream oil and gas companies but also the service companies that support them. The Parties intend to grant Zotus Group the rights to an exclusive twenty-five-year concession to develop the Atuabo Freeport.

Project Components & Facilities

During construction, there will be a number of temporary facilities including structures, workshops, work areas (eg laydown yards) and material staging areas. These will be located within the Project footprint.

Including a harbour protected by a rock breakwater to the west and a rock groyne to the east, a dredged approach channel, a turning circle, berth pockets and quays.

Located in the port along the quays providing support services to the offshore oil and gas industry including: rig repair facility; waste treatment and management facility; fabrication facility; and supply facility.

Located in the north west section of the Project site to facilitate aircraft and helicopter transport.

Supporting facilities will include power generation, boreholes, accommodation, offices, a naval base, hydrocarbon fuels storage area and roads (internal to the port and the public road). Waste management facilities for the port operations and its users include a wastewater treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, incinerator and waste storage and sorting areas.




Construction activities will involve construction of the breakwater and groyne by placement of rock from a quarry site or mine overburden as well as the onshore facilities, including buildings, workshops, warehousing, laying of hardstanding for the airstrip and construction of the roads around the Project site.




The construction phase will require use of cranes, trucks, generators, earthworks vehicles, piling equipment, concrete mixers and dredging equipment.


Stage 3

Monitoring & Execution

Direct &manage project worl, procurements. Monitor preogress and control changes, manage risks and stakeholder engagement. Lead project




Deliver the scope, document lessons learned. Release project team. Close Project

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